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Fulton County Schools Welcomes 500 New Teachers

Fulton County Schools (FCS) welcomed more than 500 of its 2018-19 new teacher cohort to New Teacher Celebration events over two days at Cobb Galleria Centre, where they learned more reasons why FCS is a great place to teach, grow, and thrive. Teachers received their laptops, and heard topics on Health and Financial Wellness, the district’s award-winning GO TIP (Teacher Induction Program–now in its fifth year), and Fulton County’s new Standards Mastery Framework.

Early first impressions help build the deeper connections and relationships that drive higher retention, so the Talent department led a redesign of the new teacher experience three years ago, with the Information Technology and Learning & Teaching teams, to be an intentional celebration of each new enthusiastic teacher’s decision to join FCS in an extremely competitive job market.

Teachers heard words of welcome and advice from 2018 Fulton Teacher of the Year Kiana Pinckney from Palmetto Elementary, 2017 Fulton Teacher of the Year/2019 Georgia Teacher of the Year Allison Townsend from Barnwell Elementary, Chief Talent Officer Ron Wade, and Superintendent Dr. Jeff Rose.

Over 25 vendor partners and employee support teams, including Family First Credit Union, FCS Benefits and Retirement Services, and several Georgia teacher associations were also on hand to provide information, prizes, and giveaways as tangible, visible examples of the supports teachers can expect to tap into during their Fulton career.

Arthur Mills IV, executive director of Talent Management, emceed the event. “Our New Teacher Celebration events are the culmination of over a year’s worth of engagements with top talent across the state, the U.S., and more frequently, the world. It’s both fun and rewarding to see many familiar faces that made that fantastic decision to join our team. Now that they have “come home to Fulton,” we’ll be working hard to ensure our new cohort remains this excited and energized…and stays with us for a while!”