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9 FCS Middle School Students Sign REACH Program Contracts


REACH Scholars


Nine eighth grade students from Fulton's middle schools across the district signed a commitment to graduate high school and accept a $10,000 college scholarship funded by the REACH Georgia program. The event was similar to athletic scholarship signing ceremonies.

REACH Scholars are paired with a mentor and an academic coach through high school. Scholars must maintain good behavior, good grades (2.5 GPA in core courses), good attendance and graduate from high school. Those who successfully complete the program and graduate are awarded a $10,000 scholarship that can be used at any HOPE eligible college in Georgia. Many colleges are matching or double-matching this scholarship. The scholarship is in addition to any other grant or scholarship the student receives. The continuation of this program exhibits FCS' Strategic Plan 2022 goal, where we prepare all students to graduate ready to pursue and succeed on their chosen paths.

The following REACH students and their middle schools include Sheridan Hernandez Cruz of Bear Creek, Jasmin Guadalupe Segura of Camp Creek, Belen Verenice Montalvo Vedia of Elkins Pointe, Itzel Acevedo-Pena of Holcomb Bridge, Ivanna Rojas of Hopewell, Teresa Nichole Lopez of Renaissance, Gabriella Ava's Horton of Sandy Springs Charter, Tiffany Clementine Laij of Taylor Road and Daniel Dwight Williams of Woodland. 

VIsit the REACH Georgia website for more information.