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Fulton Celebrates "Day of the Dot" and "Pinwheels for Peace"

Day of the Dot

Day of the Dot 1

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Five schools in Fulton County celebrated the "International Dot Day" September 15. Dot Day is a time when people all over the world connect, collaborate, create and celebrate all aspects of creativity. Langston Hughes High School collaborated to make the event a school-wide project. Principal Charles Chester created dots and Art Department Chair Mary Breazeale worked with students to design dots and place them strategically throughout the school. Media Center Director Leona Lawrence developed an exhibit that included a video and dots made by students, faculty and staff. Langston also used the celebration of creativity as an opportunity for social emotional learning. Community Based Instruction (CBI) students installed dots in the media center.

Students at Lake Windward Elementary School, guided by art teacher Katherine Murphy, read "The Dot," by Peter Reynolds, as inspiration to create their own unique dot or mark on the world. The dots were made with melted down paper or plastic cups and decorated the media center windows, creating a positive visual impact on the building. River Eves Elementary School students celebrated the day on September 13, led by art teacher Lauren O’Hara, by creating their own dot artworks and displaying a colorful, collaborative wall mural. And the hallways walls at Crabapple Crossing Elementary School were also filled with color under the direction of art teacher Gina Steffensen, who said "Elements and principles of art and design, such as line, shape, unity and balance guided students' creative process. This day to celebrate creativity recognizes that we are all artists. As Reynolds says, 'Just make your mark and see where it takes you.' "


Pinwheels for Peace

Seaborn Lee Elementary participated in "Pinwheels for Peace," a project to reflect symbols of calm, serenity and freedom from conflict. The art installation project was started in 2005 by two art teachers and has grown from 500,000 pinwheels to four million pinwheels. Principal Kine' Geathers encouraged Art Teacher Amber Falconer and staff to help students created and plant pinwheels at the front of the school. The pinwheels are blowing in the wind and are a public art exhibit.

Pinwheels 1

Pinwheels 2

Pinwheels 3