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Fulton School Board Meeting Recognitions: June 11, 2019

NOTE - The Fulton County Board of Education is proud to recognize the achievements of FCS schools, students, and staff at our monthly meetings. A portion of the remarks from a recent board meeting have been transcribed here. 

Cliff Jones, Chief Academic Officer: Good Evening President Bryant, Members of the Board, and Dr. Loe. Tonight, we are pleased to acknowledge numerous Career Technical Student Organization award winners for the June recognitions.

Tonight's honorees have won first place awards in state competitions.

These organizations have played an integral role in preparing students to become college and career-ready members of society. Students from the following organizations will be recognized today:

  • Technology Student Association (TSA)
  • Skills USA
  • Career Technical Instruction (CTI)
  • Honeywell Student STEM Challenge

We will call each organization separately. Students, after receiving your certificates, please go to the center platform for photographs and greetings. Teacher sponsors and principals, you may join your students for the photographs after the certificate presentation.

Parents may come to photograph their children after official picture-taking is complete.




We begin with students representing TSA. This organization encourages middle and high school students engaged in STEM studies to participate in competitions, intra-curricular activities, leadership opportunities, community service and more. These students won in the Mechanical Engineering and First Lego League categories. Would the following organization members from Autrey Mill Middle School please come forward:

  • David Correa
  • Aryan Thakkar
  • Johnny Hyun
  • Maxwell Hou
  • Max Villegas
  • Justin Dai
  • Mantra Patel
  • Benjamin Wang-Tie
  • Divij Motwani
  • Landry King

Congratulations to you all!






And now on to SkillsUSA. A partnership of students, teachers and industry working together, SkillsUSA works to help ensure that America has a skilled workforce. Through empowering its members, the organization helps students develop personal, workplace and technical skills grounded in academics.

These students from Cambridge and Roswell High Schools won in the following categories: 3-D Visual/Animation, Architectural Drafting, Career Exploration Manual, Career Exploration Showcase Health Science, Certified Emergency Response Team, Chapter Business Procedure, Criminal Justice, Digital Cinema, First Aid-CPR, Job Skill Demonstration, Legal Services Exam, LPSCS Display, Math Concepts, Tactical Team, Technical Computer Applications, Television/Video Production, Trial Advocacy, Broadcast News, Audio-Radio, Early Childhood Education and Outstanding Student. Would the following organization members come forward:

  • Carson Smith
  • Jaida Turner
  • Sisira Amara
  • Christine Lim
  • Frank Harris
  • Claire Bowman
  • Matthew Smoltz
  • Erika Aaron
  • Ashleigh Hays
  • Rachel Henderson
  • Baylee Pinson

Congratulations all!






And now to our CTI program. Georgia CTI supports exceptional students enrolled in Career, Technical and Agricultural Education classes to help build life skills for the workplace after high school. Representing the four North Springs Charter High School CTI students, would Nathan Shine – a Film Production award winner - please come to the front. 

Congratulations Nathan!



Honeywell Student STEM Challenge

Our last recognition for students goes to a small group of robotics students, again from Autrey Mill Middle School, who may be the future of software engineering.

Contestants competed in the 2019 Honeywell STEM Challenge at Georgia Tech to create software engineering projects that will solve real world problems and drive social good. Honeywell International, Inc. is a USA-based multinational company that produces commercial and consumer products, engineering services and aerospace systems. Under the supervision of Business and Computer Science teacher Sharon McGee, six students won in two categories.

Two sixth grade students won First Place Overall for their project “Blind Sight,” a computer design to help blind individuals navigate obstacles with a long-distance sensor, worn wrapped around the user’s waist, that detects approaching objects. Would Aryan Thakkar (representing himself and his partner) please come forward?

Congratulations Aryan! 

The second group of honorees won the Innovation Award for their project “Firebot,” for designing an exceptionally creative solution. FireBot is a stationary robot programmed to detect and extinguish fires using a flame sensor to locate the fire and a pump motor to propel retardant to douse the blaze. Would the following students please come to the front:

  • Divij Motwani
  • Maxwell Wang
  • Kavin Kumaresan

Congratulations to you all!





Teacher Award for Honeywell

For our final recognition, we honor the Autrey Mill Middle School teacher who sponsored these students, who was winner herself. She took home not one award but three! They are:

  • First Place Overall Award for Blind Sight, the top honor
  • Innovation Award for Firebot, a project that demonstrated an exceptionally creative solution
  • STEM Teacher Leadership Program Excellence Award in recognition of a teacher’s excellence for her school STEM program.

 Would Sharon McGee please come to the front.

To participate in the Honeywell Challenge, Ms. McGee was selected among 20 metro Atlanta teachers for four (4) weeks of intensive training last summer at Georgia Tech. They trained in software engineering and computing using the design thinking method and made connections with mentors from Honeywell.

In turn, they were required to incorporate the resources into their classes, so students learned new computer languages and worked in teams to solve everyday problems. Congratulations Sharon!


Sharon McGee


This concludes our recognitions.