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Fulton School Board Meeting Recognitions: March 12, 2019

NOTE - The Fulton County Board of Education is proud to recognize the achievements of FCS schools, students, and staff at our monthly meetings. A portion of the remarks from a recent board meeting have been transcribed here. 


Cliff Jones, Chief Academic Officer: Good Evening President Bryant, Members of the Board, and Dr. Loe. Tonight, I have many awards to present for our March recognitions. Due to many of our students being extremely busy with various activities, some teams will be represented by several select members, and some individuals will be represented by teachers. I will, however, read the names of all honorees.


Johns Creek High School Men’s Swim Team

Last month, the Johns Creek High School Men’s Swim Team won the Georgia High School Association 6A State Championships at Georgia Tech’s McAuley Aquatics Center. The team was coached to victory against 50 other teams, outdistancing the second-place finisher by 77.5 points.

This state swim title is the first in the school’s history. Last year they placed a close second and knew this year was their window. Led by twin brothers and co-captains Chase and Cameron Kennedy, they brought home the title solidifying their place in Gladiator history. Many swimmers achieved their personal bests and several achieved All American times. Would the following team members please come forward:

  • Head Coach Stephen Johnson
  • Assistant Coach Rhonda Johnson

and team members

  • Jason Bao
  • Chris Bodea
  • Preston Brown
  • Ethan Davey
  • Ryan Davey
  • Taylor Eaton
  • Garrett Halak
  • Will Hastings
  • David Hsi
  • Bill Hughes
  • Adrian Iannamico (Notably a three-time state champion, three-time All- American and MVP!)
  • Cameron Kennedy
  • Carson Kennedy
  • Chase Kennedy
  • Josh Kohler
  • Colbert Lu
  • Anthony Margarite
  • Sam Monckton
  • Andrew Simmons
  • Sam Song  
  • Jason Steele
  • Ruixing Zhang 

Congratulations on this groundbreaking win!

Johns Creek High School Men’s Swim Team



Centennial High School Women’s Swim Team

We have another state champion – Centennial High School Women’s Swim Team - who also won the Georgia High School Association 6A. The Lady Knights took home their second state title having competed against 35 other school teams. They won with 329 points, beating the second-place finisher by 66 points. Would the following team members please come to the front:

  • Coach Charlie Dale

and team members:

  • Allee Howard
  • Elly Deas
  • Maddie Singletary
  • Venla Harkonen
  • Katharine Ward
  • Tessa Sergile
  • Alexis Bender
  • Hannah Collerette
  • Taylor Graham
  • Anna Teodorescu
  • Gabby Born
  • Carina Hererra
  • Sarah Buchanan
  • Elena Jerkovic
  • Taylor Davidson
  • Lizzy Buchanan

Congratulations to the team!

Centennial High School Women’s Swim Team



Riverwood International Charter School All-State Musicians

Our next honoree is an accomplished musician. This Riverwood International Charter School student harpist qualified for the 2019 Georgia Music Educators Association All-State Orchestra in Athens, Georgia. To reach this level, students must undergo a two-round, audition process that includes playing scales from memory, a prepared classical piece and sight-reading. They qualify on the district level and advance to the state level to play alongside top musicians across Georgia. Would Madeline Chen please come to the front?

Madeline’s orchestra director reports she is a dedicated and outstanding musician. She is admired by her peers and performs in after-school events like Riverwood’s Showcase of Performing and Visual Arts. She is said to display a level of musicianship uncommon in a 16-year old.  In addition to harp, Madeline plays the cello in Riverwood’s Mastery Orchestra.


Riverwood International Charter School All-State Musicians



Riverwood Student wins State Dive Title

Back to sports: this Riverwood senior beat her personal diving record by 103 points to place first at the 2019 4-5A State Swim and Dive Championships. Her exceptional high school diving career saw her finish in the Top 25 in the state every year. From placing 22nd as a freshman -and as the only diver on the team- to 13th, then 5th, to clinching the title senior year and recruiting more members to grow the team to six divers. Would Haley Allen please come to the front?

Haley, a former gymnast, was the captain this year and is described by her coach as an incredible role model for the Riverwood Swim and Dive team.  Fellow team members appreciate her “guidance, leadership, and dedication to the sport”!

Congratulations on your win!

Riverwood Student wins State Dive Title



Riverwood Art Teacher wins award

Continuing on a Riverwood roll, our next honoree is an exceptional art teacher and chair of the Visual and Performing Arts Department. Each year, a visual art teacher and member of the National Art Educators Association is nominated for the Outstanding National Art Honor Society Sponsor Award. This award recognizes the dedication of a member who sponsors an outstanding National Arts Honor Society Chapter and excellence in professional accomplishment and service. Would Dana Munson please come to the front?

Dana has been the former 2013 and 2011 Southeastern Art Educator of the Year. She has worked at Riverwood for 10 years and was nominated for this award by FCS Coordinator of Fine Arts Elizabeth Eppes. This weekend, she will be presented with this prestigious national honor during the organization’s 2019 convention in Boston.


 Riverwood Art Teacher Dana Munson



North Springs High School Fencing Team State Champions

Our next award is in fencing, a fast-growing sport in the United States. The North Springs Charter High School Women’s Fencing Team worked very hard this year and, for the first time, took the state championship at the Georgia High School Fencing League competition. From their 10th place finish last year led by Coaches Bill and Charles Donges, the Lady Spartans beat out 16 high schools represented in the league. Would the following fencing team members please come forward?

  • Coach: Bill Donges

and team members 

  • Madeleine Dada
  • Gabriela Gonzales
  • Shylin Hamilton
  • Sophia Hawkins
  • Morgan Hill
  • Madeline Janowski
  • Sanai Muhammad
  • Stella Roden
  • Madeleine Rosenberg
  • Joline Speck
  • Elaine Wen

Congratulations to the team!

North Springs High School Fencing Team State Champions



North Springs Fencing Team Senior first place winner of Women’s Individual Competition

North Springs senior and fencing team co-captain Elaine Wen added to the school’s accolades with a first-place win in the Women’s Individual Competition. Her coach reports she is a true scholar-athlete and a role model in her academic pursuits as well as her fencing accomplishments. Elaine has dominated women’s fencing in Georgia for the past three years, placing second in the state competition last year.

She is known to value hard work with a singular focus to improve, always do her best and is an inspiration to the fencing team and all the women at North Springs.

Congratulations Elaine!

North Springs Fencing Team Senior first place winner Elaine Wen



Two Student winners of National Center for Women and Information Technology Aspirations Award

We have one more win in academics for two students from North Springs Charter High School and Johns Creek High School. Each year, U.S. high school women in grades 9 through 12 are eligible to receive recognition for their demonstrated interest and achievements in computing, proven leadership ability, academic performance, and plans for post‑secondary education. This year, 40 winners and 360 honorable mentions were selected from more than 4,300 talented young women. These students hail from all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Guam and all U.S. overseas military bases. Would North Springs junior Destiny Adams and Johns Creek senior Olivia Logan please come to the front?

The award winners received various prizes, cash and a trip to the Bank of America headquarters in Charlotte, NC for a celebration and networking with Bank of America employees.

Congratulations Ladies!

National Center for Women and Information Technology Aspirations Award



Cliff Jones: And now I will turn it over to Chief Financial Officer Robert Morales.

Robert Morales: Thank you, Cliff.



Artwork of Nine FCS Students Featured in the 2018 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report

March also happens to be Youth Art Month, and our next award recipients include district students whose artwork was chosen for a unique purpose. The Accounting and Retirement Services Department has selected student artwork to enhance the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report.

Elizabeth Eppes provided a collection of colorful artwork from all grade levels and from that group, nine pieces were chosen to reflect all skill levels and grade levels for broad appeal and to evoke joy from the viewer. Would the following students please come forward? 

  • Samantha Adrianza
  • Abby Burnett
  • Lizzie Leaman
  • Ana Sofia Reid
  • Zariah Saint Preaux
  • Mahi Shah
  • Gray Tito

Artwork of Nine Students 2018 CAFR



This concludes our recognitions.