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Superintendent Search - February Update: Survey Results Are In

Superintendent Search Update


February 2019 Update

Over the past month, as the Board of Education opened the process to search for a new superintendent, we have heard from a diverse cross-section of stakeholders. Through our online survey, directly via email, and in-person at Board community meetings we have received thousands of responses and comments. Thank you to everyone who participated and shared your input.

In addition to receiving your feedback, a critical component of our process is to share information with our community as we move forward. For that purpose, below is a summarization of the total responses we have received to date with an analysis of the survey and examples of candid comments. The complete results of the survey can be found here.

Board members will continue to draw from this input as we consider potential candidates and move into the interview process.

We are also happy to report that we have interest from an impressive set of applicants who are excited about the opportunity to lead our schools and join our community. We will continue to receive applications as part of our initial phase through the end of February and plan to begin interviews in March. Ideally, we will identify the final candidate or candidates in time for the start of the new school year in 2019.

Meanwhile, we thank Dr. Loe and the dedicated individuals in our district office, the classroom and throughout the district, for maintaining high standards while educating our students and operating our schools.

Thank you,
Linda Bryant, President
Julia Bernath, Vice-President


Survey results:

Over 1,200 individuals from the community participated in our online survey. Full results of the survey with numeric rankings are linked here. Please note, lower average numbers represent a higher priority. The survey was set to allow rankings with 1 being the highest and 9 the lowest. Respondents also listed additional knowledge, skills, and abilities as priorities in a superintendent, and the statements below were generated by categorizing and aggregating the open-ended survey responses.

  • The new superintendent should have the knowledge, skills, and abilities to establish and maintain a positive climate and culture.  This could be by focusing on employee benefits and retention, responding to staff needs, and building relationships with staff.
  • The new superintendent should understand the diversity of district, including understanding and addressing the unique needs in different geographic areas of the county.  He/she should have the ability to close the achievement gap and achieve equity across all groups of students.
  • The new superintendent should have knowledge of how the district’s policies and programs operate and ideas on how existing policies / programs could be improved (e.g. Charter System, Special Education).
  • The new superintendent should have strong background knowledge of best practices in teaching and learning and our district’s students, diversity, and geography.


Download the Superintendent Search Frequently Asked Questions