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    Employee Wellness Program Overview & Guidelines

    Our mission is to provide resources and programs for Fulton County Employees to develop and enhance their Physical, Nutritional, Mental and Financial Health to achieve positive well-being in their daily lives!


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    The FCS Employee Wellness Program (EWP) goal is to increase wellness opportunities for Fulton County School System Employees through education and awareness by providing resources to foster positive attitudes toward healthier lifestyles while empowering staff to improve their quality of life.

    The premise of the FCS Wellness Program supports FCS Strategic Plan 2022. People and Culture is one of the emphases of the strategic plan’s four pillars:  Student Achievement, People and Culture Community Collaboration and Fiscal Responsibility. FCS values its employees and will be intentional in supporting employees. This initiative shall be measured in part by the increase percentage of employees who would recommend FCS as a place to work.


    These guidelines will provide employees with general information related to the FCS EPW Committee’s responsibilities in administering wellness programs and services to ensure uniformity and in concert with FCS Strategic Goal:  People and Culture.


    FCS EWP will provide wellness and informational resources to all employees in four primary areas:   Physical Health, Nutritional Health, Mental Wellness and Financial Wellness. Improving the wellness of employees can directly affect the health of students through improved job performance but also through the positive role-modeling of healthy behaviors (Source: Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, 2016). Studies have also shown that employee wellness programs and policies may improve employee attendance and performance.


    All FCS Employees are eligible to participate in the wellness programs.




    FCS Employee Wellness Steering Committee:

    The Fulton County Schools Employee Wellness Steering Committee will provide general guidance and oversight of the program and services which are designed to create access to resources while empowering and supporting employee overall well-being. The mission of the FCS EW Steering Committee is to share knowledge and resources that provide opportunities for Fulton County School System Employees to enhance their overall wellbeing.


    The FCS Employee Wellness Steering Committee shall be comprised of a cross-section of employees from various FCS departments representing the divisions of the District. Additionally, every school shall have a designated Wellness Ambassador to represent their school as part of the districtwide Wellness Committee.  Also, districtwide events will allow more employees to participate as volunteers, members of planning subcommittees, and as voluntary service providers.

    The FCS Employee Wellness Steering Committee’s goal will be to encourage all employees to make their personal health and wellness a priority.


    Current Administrative Structure:

    Ron Wade, Chief of Talent, Cabinet Level Sponsor
    Lynne P. Meadows, Director, District Health Services, Chair
    Judy Claybrook, Compensation Manager, Co-Chair
    Daffany Reed, Recruiter, Co-Chair


    Committee Members:
    Dedric Baker, Adiyah Bell, Poonam Bhavinani, Stephanie Boutte, Holly Clardy, Judy Claybrook, Marvin Dereef, Jodie Fleming, Pamela Gayles, Jessica Glicker, Emily Grody, Shamona Harrell, Lee Hill, Darrell McDaniel, Lynne Meadows, Daffany Reed, Joan Schimelman, Mark Sulborski, Great Tinaglia, Tebora Wimby, and Allie Cowles


    FCS C.A.R.E.S. Wellness Ambassadors:

    Wellness Ambassadors will serve as a liaison for each school/department to assist the Steering Committee by supporting and sharing wellness information, initiatives, programs and challenges at their location.


    Ideal qualities for an Ambassador should include the following:

    • Interest in wellness and motivating co-workers
    • Passionate about the health and well-being of themselves and others
    • Sense of fun and plenty of enthusiasm

    A Wellness Ambassador plays a vital role in helping to expand the reach of Fulton County’s wellness efforts to ensure key information regarding wellness initiatives, programs, events, and resources is communicated to all employees.  An Ambassador is involved in health and well-being, thinks beyond themselves, believes in the strength of the work place and seeks to foster a healthy culture within the environment around them. The role of Ambassador will typically require approximately one hour per month.  More time may be required when organizing and coordinating special programs.