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Welcome to Program Evaluation

  • Vision: DPE will be an indispensable part of the decision-making process as FCS selects, monitors, and improves programs so students can succeed on their chosen paths.

    Mission: The Department of Program Evaluation is responsible for providing Fulton County Schools with rigorous assessments for a wide range of program/organizational investments that will generate actionable recommendations to appropriate stakeholders for impacting student achievement. 

    In an effort to accomplish this goal, the department engages in the following targeted activities:

    • Conduct rigorous evaluations of district- and school-level programs to identify the effectiveness of current practices
    •  Prepare reports to document evaluation findings and guide data-driven decision-making
    • Review industry-wide research to inform district evaluation practice
    • Maintain an inventory of widely-used programs and initiatives in the district
    • Facilitate the approval and monitoring of research requests and support the translation of the research to improve practice
    • Assist in the development of grant application and the evaluation of grant-funded programs

DPE Staff

  • Program Evaluation Coordinator

    Clara O'Rourke

    Program Evaluation Analyst

    Amanda Swerdlow